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Innovation can occur anywhere: a lab, the office cubicle, a dorm room or a garage.

I first learned about the wonder of innovation from my grandfather, David L. Keiser. He had a garage full of stuff and he never stopped thinking about inventing and refining.

He held many patents. As a young woman, I helped him apply for a Canadian patent by translating rules that were written in French. (I was a French and religion major in college, but that’s another story.)   More »

I’m happy to say that most of what I said at the T2 conference in January 2009 is as true today as it was then. Texas is still a low-tax state and an attractive destination for business.

As before, taxpayers are divided in their opinion of the revised franchise tax. I’m happy to say that we are receiving far fewer inquiries regarding it than in the first year of implementation, thanks in part to an aggressive effort on our part to get information and help to taxpayers.

The most important difference between now and January 2009 is that, back then, Texas had yet to feel the full effects of the national recession. It used to be that when the nation caught an economic cold, Texas was largely immune. That’s no longer true. It is still true, however, that when we do eventually catch the cold, we tend to get it later and in a less severe form than in the rest of the country. In the last year, that’s been the pattern.  More »

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